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Berry flavoured pastries

I love eating fresh berries, but you have such an abundance at some times of the year and can hardly find any at other times. Luckily for me, my local bakery has a range of tasty berry treats like blueberrie pies, apple and blueberry pastries and strawberry tarts. There are such a lot of delicious treats that I can try there that it keeps me going until we are back in berry season and I can get back to fresh berries! This blog is about all of the wonderful berry flavoured baked goods you can find at your local bakery.



Berry flavoured pastries

How to Buy the Perfect Cake for Your Child's Birthday Party

by Elmer Larson

A child's birthday party is a day they'll remember forever and a chance to make precious memories together. You might have sorted a theme, games, and music, but still be stuck on the cake. With so many cake shops and bakeries offering a wide range of birthday cakes, it can be hard to choose.

Do you pick a bespoke, themed cake, a photograph cake, a huge chocolate gateau, or just a simple sponge? The choices are overwhelming, and you want everything to be perfect for your child and their party guests. Following these tips will help you to pick the ideal cake.

Ask your child

It can be so easy to get caught up in party planning that you forget the actual reason for the celebration - your child's birthday! Kids love to feel involved, and by including them in the decision-making process, you can be sure that they'll be happy with the final choice of cake. You might be surprised at some of the creative ideas they come up with.

Pick up a few leaflets from local cake shops, and let your child flip through them. Younger children might be thrilled by the idea of having one of their drawings iced onto a cake, while older kids could have fun making a photo collage to be printed onto icing. Themed cakes are also a popular option with kids, especially if they have a favorite toy or TV show.

Set a budget

A birthday cake can easily end up being the biggest expense of a party, so be sure you know what you plan to spend and stick to it. For very young children, there's no need to pick up a really elaborate, fancy cake - most of it will probably end up on the floor anyway! Just pick something that they'll enjoy eating and save your money for extra presents or future birthdays.

With older children, the cake-shopping process can be a good way to teach them about careful spending. You could do simple maths together and help them to pick a cake that doesn't break the bank. Of course, there's nothing wrong with splashing out on a luxury cake if you want to. When deciding on a size, consider the number of guests attending the party - one slice each is usually a good idea.

Order in advance

You'll find that the most popular cake shops take orders months in advance, so make sure you plan ahead if you're after a bespoke cake. Contacting bakeries as soon as you start planning will help you to avoid disappointment. If you've already left it too late, don't worry. You can still contact cake shop,s as many offer wonderful birthday cakes off the shelf. You might not get the level of personalization you wanted, but you'll still have a delicious cake. Kids really aren't that picky, so be sure not to stress too much.