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Berry flavoured pastries

I love eating fresh berries, but you have such an abundance at some times of the year and can hardly find any at other times. Luckily for me, my local bakery has a range of tasty berry treats like blueberrie pies, apple and blueberry pastries and strawberry tarts. There are such a lot of delicious treats that I can try there that it keeps me going until we are back in berry season and I can get back to fresh berries! This blog is about all of the wonderful berry flavoured baked goods you can find at your local bakery.



Berry flavoured pastries

How to Buy the Perfect Cake for Your Child's Birthday Party

A child's birthday party is a day they'll remember forever and a chance to make precious memories together. You might have sorted a theme, games, and music, but still be stuck on the cake. With so many cake shops and bakeries offering a wide range of birthday cakes, it can be hard to choose. Do you pick a bespoke, themed cake, a photograph cake, a huge chocolate gateau, or just a simple sponge?